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Detroit at Work Adult $100M Scholarship Fund


Detroit at Work can help you in lots of ways. Call (313) 962-WORK (9675) to learn how.


We have programs to help you wherever you are on your job journey. Tell us - What are you looking for? 


Learn to earn scholarships

Detroit at Work can help you build your reading and math skills. Connect with us by filling out the form to learn about skills-based scholarships.

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HIgh SChool or GED Scholarships

  Detroit at Work will pay you while you earn your Diploma or GED with our help.

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Skills for Life

With Skills for Life, you can earn $15 an hour, 40 hours a week, spending three days a week at your work site and two days earning your High School Diploma, GED, or a technical certification!

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Programs offer full- and part-time options that pay $10-16/hr during training.

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  Are you a Detroiter who's been unemployed for more than six months? You can receive 18 months of additional support. 

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detroit at work career Guide

The Detroit at Work Career Guide has more than 40 careers to choose from.

View the Detroit at Work Career Guide by clicking here.