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Adult Education - GED/High School Completion

Detroit Public Schools Community District GED High School Completion


Thank you for your overwhelming response! Learn to Earn is at capacity for this school year. Please reach back out at the end of July or early August to work with a center to get registered.


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Adult Education Programs - Learn to Earn and High School/GED Programs 

Detroit at Work, Detroit Public School Community District (DPSCD) and other providers have partnered to move adult education programs into neighborhood Career Centers. 

  • DPSCD and other providers have adult education programs that are 100% tuition free and include in class and online options. 
  • 3 programs offered
    • GED Preparation
    • High School Completion (upon transcript review)
    • Reading and math enrichment
  • You can enroll into adult education at any time and   
    • Choose your method of instruction (in-person, virtual, or hybrid)
    • Class schedule (day or evening) 
  • All adult learners will also have access to Detroit at Work’s job readiness workshops, information on in-demand careers and special hiring opportunities.
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Education Pays: On average, those with High School Diplomas/GEDs earn more per week. To see the data, click here.



Learn to Earn: Intensive Program Designed to help Detroiters

This accelerated program is designed to help Detroiters remove a barrier stopping them from entering their chosen Training or Career.  Detroiters can earn their Diploma or GED while receiving a stipend and explore their options for training or new job opportunities immediately after graduating.

What makes this program unique?

  • Get your GED or diploma in record time!
    • With 15-20 hours per week (program minimum), many students can earn a GED/diploma in as little as 4-6 months! 
  • Learn about careers and build job skills!
    • Build skills that help you get a new or better job after you earn your GED/diploma. A career coach will help you explore training and career options.
  • Program includes a bi-weekly stipend & other support!
    • A stipend for up to 6 months for those who meet all requirements. (Requirements include but are not limited to: Detroit residency and an original graduation date of 2020 or earlier.)
      • 2021, 2022, and 2023's planned graduates not eligible for stipend program but welcome to attend the standard Adult Education program. 
    • Other supports available for adult learners who commit to the program and meet other requirements: a laptop, internet access, help with transportation and referrals to childcare, etc.



Ready to Enroll Learn to Earn


  1. CLICK HERE to Review Program Expectations 
    • Understanding program expectations is important when moving through the enrollment process
  2. Click the LOGIN/SIGN UP button and enter your login information
    • If you are new to Detroit at Work, you will answer a few questions to set up a profile
    • If you are a returning user and cannot remember your password, please select 'Forgot Password' on the login screen
  3. To access the introductory GED/HSC video either:
    • scroll down to Featured Videos and watch GED/HIGH SCHOOL COMPLETION VIDEO or
  4. A career center professional will call you within 3 days to start the process and register you for an initial test
    • The initial test is a reading and math assessment that will help your education provider and Detroit at Work determine which program is best for you
    •  NOTE: Testing dates for this year are filling up fast. There may be a delay in getting you scheduled, but you will be scheduled as soon as possible.
  5. Bring your ID and SS card with you when you connect with a career coach. (Additional information may be needed depending on your educational provider of choice).


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***If you need help enrolling or need access to a computer to enroll, contact Detroit at Work at (313) 962-9675 (WORK) and ask to be connected to a Career Center to enroll into adult education programs. 


NOTE: DPSCD’s English as a Second Language program (ESL) will remain at its same locations. For information on ESL programs or for more detailed information on DPSCD’s GED and high school completion programs, please visit


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