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Skills for Life


Get a job today, a career tomorrow and Skills for Life


Skills for Life is a new program offered by Detroit at Work and the City of Detroit, and if you’re looking to get on the fast track to a better future, it could be just what you’re looking for!



  • If hired by the City of Detroit, you'll work three days per week on projects that are important to the city, making a positive impact in neighborhoods across Detroit You'll also be paid to attend education or training two days per week to earn a credential that leads to a career.
  • You’ll get valuable experience and skills that you can put on your resume.
  • You’ll be able to get your high-school diploma or GED if you don’t already have it or earn a credential needed for in demand jobs. Either way, you'll leave the Skills for Life Program with access to a wider range of jobs.
  • After you complete the education or training program, you will graduate from Skills for Life. We will then work with you to find a full-time job that pays at least $15 per hour. 
  • You’ll be on a career path that gives you the opportunity to increase your pay to $20/hr, $25/hr, or even more.
  • We will help you with a transportation and childcare plan and also provide career coaching and other supports that increase your long term success in the program and beyond.

Skills for Life jobs will be located at various sites around the city, and training and career services will be delivered at a variety of locations in the City of Detroit.

Skills for Life may be the most comprehensive career development and advancement program ever made available to Detroiters, and is a key component to reduce poverty and increase employment and upward mobility in the city. The program will begin enrollment by December. You can sign up now and we will contact you later this Winter.


Tell Us That You're Interested :

The program will begin enrollment in December.  Please express your interest now via the link below and we will be in contact. 




If you are looking to start work as soon as possible, visit the Detroit at Work Online Community to view and apply for thousands of job opportunities, including those with the City of Detroit.


Just a reminder...
  • A drug test is not required for this program
  • No prior experience required to do the work
  • Individuals with criminal records are encouraged to apply for Skills for Life
  • City of Detroit is an equal opportunity employer