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Success Stories

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Emanuel Tunstall

Emanuel Tunstall – Transportation and Logistics

Emanuel is a returning citizen who came into one of our Career Centers looking for help in finding employment. He enrolled in CDL-A training after deciding that was the career path for him. He received his license in early 2018 after completing training, and was offered a job making $17 an hour.

Kenyon Williams

Kenyon Williams – Culinary

Kenyon heard about opportunities Detroit At Work offers through his mother. He came into one of the One Stops, took the GAINS test, and passed. He qualified for culinary training and received his SafeServ certificate. After receiving his certificate, he found a job working in an upscale restaurant downtown. He said, “Failure was not an option. I want to be able to take care of myself and help my family to understand what’s most important — education and training.”

Siboniso Young

Siboniso Young – Customer Service

Siboniso lost employment at her former job and needed help finding employment. She visited one of our Career Centers, and participated in several workshops including resume maker and interview skills. She ended up choosing the job she wanted — at Comcast. She said, “Hard work and persistence will always pay off.”

Torrence Poellnitz

Torrence Poellnitz – Security

Torrence came into one of our Career Centers to attend orientation and get information on obtaining a trade. A recruiter was there from the Greektown Casino and was impressed with his background in security. He sat for an impromptu interview, despite being hesitant about not being dressed accordingly, and had a job offer in a matter of a few days. He said, “Sometimes you just have to get out there. You never know what will happen being in the right place at the right time…”

Williemae Wilkerson

Williemae Wilkerson – Customer Service

Williemae came into one of our Career Centers to get assistance with removing barriers. She attended classes on resume writing, maintaining employment, and financial literacy. With Detroit At Work’s help, she was able to get her license and find a car. She now successfully works at Family Dollar as a cashier.

Lynitra Quinn

Lynitra Quinn – Driver Responsibility Fees

Before driver responsibility fees were forgiven statewide on October 1st, 2018, Lynitra set out to get her license reinstated with the help of Detroit At Work. After attending job training, she was able to get her license back early and the reinstatement fee waived.

Hamed Al Abdullah

Hamed Al Abdullah – Refugee

Hamed came to Detroit At Work with many barriers, but through our supportive services he was able to find a job at a supermarket. He attended ESL classes, was able to get his driver’s license, and found appropriate housing. He said, “I’m very happy being in the U.S. I can care for my family, and get ahead and without living in fear.”

DeShawn Jones

DeShawn Jones – Skilled Trades

DeShawn had his conviction expunged from his record recently. He attended the Access For All program, and after getting his conviction expunged, he feels confident knowing he won’t be rejected for future job prospects.

Kevin White

Kevin White – Project Clean Slate

Kevin recently had his misdemeanor expunged. He now runs his own company, Peer Dynamic Solutions, where he conducts surveys and focus groups.

Psontia Moore

Psontia Moore – Healthcare

Psontia was previously unemployed before coming into one of our Career Centers. She participated in workshops and career coaching. After she completed CNA training, she quickly found employment but was soon offered a better position and a raise. She said, “You have to stay focused to achieve your goals, and never give up.”



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