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Success Stories

There are a lot of resources available to help you in your search for a well-paying career. On this page you can access all the workforce news we know about, from media articles, to press releases to new announcements to success stories of how other Detroiters did it. You can also follow us on Facebook and Twitter, or subscribe to our newsletter.

Dwayne Simmons

Dwayne Simmons – Culinary

After learning about training programs offered through Detroit At Work in the reentry program, Dwayne came into one of our Career Centers, took the GAINS test and passed, and qualified for culinary training. He completed training and is now working at a restaurant downtown. He’s able to be self-sufficient and support his family. He said, “A felony does not define who you are. Stay determined, and you can achieve anything. Don’t give up. Hang around with people who believe in you.”

Abraham Espinoza Cruz

Abraham Espinoza Cruz – Information Technology

Abraham started coding in college, and worked a couple of different jobs at Best Buy and Microsoft. One day, his brother sent him the information to Grand Circus and Abraham signed up. He left the coding bootcamp with an expanded knowledge of C++ and a job at Quicken Loans.

Renardo Pringle

Renardo Pringle – Manufacturing

Renardo, a Veteran, had been working in the automotive industry for over 30 years prior to his former job closing down. Through a program at Detroit At Work, he became a CMM operator and received a job interview and subsequent offer from Sakthi Automotive.

Dorothy Coleman

Dorothy Coleman – Customer Service

Dorothy originally came into a manufacturing recruitment event looking for work. After speaking to a career adviser about her previous call center background, it became apparent she’d be a great fit for another position we were recruiting for. She not only got the job but is making $3 more than what she was in her previous role.

Sean Martin

Sean Martin – Transportation and Logistics

Sean began searching for a job upon being released from Jackson State Prison in 2005. When he heard DDOT was training drivers, he immediately enrolled in training and was hired following graduation. Today, he’s working on completing his B.A. in Industrial Tech.

Watch his story here.

Johnny Wright

Johnny Wright – Retail, Hospitality, and Entertainment

Johnny is a 50-year-old returning citizen who earned a ServSafe Food Handler Certificate while inside Detroit Reentry Center. He works as a prep cook and dishwasher in Avalon Bakery’s downtown location, even helping them open in 2017.

Trenton Sweat

Trenton Sweat – Information Technology

Trenton worked in manufacturing prior to obtaining his new career path in IT. He was looking for new opportunities, and consulted with a career adviser. After being placed in the Grand Circus tech bootcamp, he received an interview and subsequent job offer at Quicken Loans.

Timika Clarke

Timika Clarke – Healthcare

Timika had spent years waitressing and bartending, but never making enough money. She registered for Patient Care Associate training and now works in neurology at one of Metro Detroit’s biggest hospitals. She now has a career path, and the ability to build a better future for herself and her children.

See Timika’s story here.



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