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Workshops and Classes

workshops and classes

Looking to update your resume?

Need some pointers on how to master an interview?

From job-related training like interviewing, resume writing and improving computer skills, to career specific training opportunities, our Detroit at Work Career Centers have workshops for everyone.

Once you have found a workshop that interests you, please click the links at the foot of the page to see the schedule for the location closest to you.


Introduction to Services

Brief introduction to Center’s services for first-time customers and their enrollment with the system. Walk-in customers welcome. First come, first served. Seating is limited. Proof of age, residence and authorization to work in the U.S. required. MI State ID and SS Card are the preferred documents (please see sidebar for other acceptable documents).

Email and Attachments

Learn how to set up a free email account and how to prepare and send an email. You will also learn how to attach and send files electronically, like a resume and cover letter, so you don’t miss out on job opportunities.

Resume Maker

Tired of sending your resumes and getting no response? Learn how to create a resume that provides accurate and needed information in a recognized format. Hands-on staff assistance and computer resources provided.

Job Retention Essentials

Finding a job is the first step. Keeping that job and advancing are the next steps. Learn what employers want from employees and strategies for improving your employment status. Understand how to apply these strategies to your current or future job.


Career Cruising: Guided online, interactive assessment to identify the career that matches your interests and skills. General Assessment of Instructional Needs (GAIN): online test assesses English and Math skills. You will be provided with personalized feedback to help you understand – and apply – the results to your future plans.

*Note: You must have completed an orientation session and be active with one of our Detroit centers prior to participating in this workshop. Please arrive 15 mins prior to assessment time.

Online Applications

Avoid pitfalls and feel comfortable navigating job boards and company websites when applying for jobs electronically. Participants must have an email address and a resume in electronic format.

Interview Skills

Series of tips to improve your skills during interviews. Learn techniques that will turn your natural nervousness into confidence. You only have one chance to make a good first impression! A good resume gets you in the door, but a successful interview will get you the job.

FCA Behavioral Skills

Review the types of behavioral questions often included in online assessments and how to prepare for them.

Basic Computer

Fundamentals of using the computer, including Microsoft Word and internet basics.

Work Keys (Appointment Only)

Assessments measure the workplace skills that can affect job performance. Successful completers can earn a National Career Readiness Certification (NCRC). Testing is done by appointment ONLY.

Individual Career Advisement

Meet individually with a career advisor to discuss employment goals and potential training options, your next steps, and to review your resume for potential updates and quality improvement. Customers are asked to bring their resume. Orientation is required for customers to register for career advisement services.

Recruitment Event

Partnering employers recruit for specific job openings. Open to walk-in, first-time customers as well as registered customers. Seating is limited. Proof of age, residence and authorization to work in the U.S. required. MI State ID and SS Card are the preferred documents.

Check schedules below for your local Detroit at Work career center to find a workshop time that is convenient for you 

Workshops are now available virtually on the jobseeker portal. If you need to attend a workshop in person, give us a call at 313-962-9675.       

New Manufacturing Workshops

Workshops geared toward careers in the manufacturing space are now available online at the Detroit at Work Jobseeker portal. To learn more about these workshops, visit this page.


1 Career Center – E. Seven Mile

14117 East Seven Mile Road, Detroit, 48205

2 Career Center – Meyers

18100 Meyers, Detroit, MI 48235

3 Career Center – W. McNichols

24424 West McNichols Road, Detroit, 48219

4 Career Center – Michigan Ave

9301 Michigan Avenue, Detroit, MI 48210

5 Career Center – West Warren

16427 West Warren, Detroit, MI 48228

6 Career Center – Collingwood

2470 Collingwood, Detroit, MI 48206

7 Career Center – Bagley

2835 Bagley, Detroit, MI 48216

8 Career Center – Conner

5555 Conner, Detroit, MI 48213

9 Career Center – Shoemaker

11457 Shoemaker Detroit, MI 48213