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Entrepreneurship Training Academy


Coming Late 2020!


Always wanted to own your own business, but not sure where to start?


Great News!  Starting in late 2020, Detroit at Work is piloting an Entrepreneurship Training Academy for aspiring entrepreneurs to learn more about what it takes to start, operate, and maintain a small business, whether you’re interested in Amazon or have your own idea! 

Detroit at Work’s Entrepreneurship Training Academy will position you to understand the basics of starting your own business, and/or prepare you to apply to become an Amazon Delivery Service Partner. 

Want to Understand the Core Concepts of Starting a Business?  The Detroit at Work Entrepreneurship Academy offers two options. Take one or both courses, depending on your interests!  We recommend both courses for aspiring Amazon Service Delivery Partners.

Own Your Own Business 101
Detroit At Work’s Entrepreneurship Training Academy will help you understand the basics of developing a business plan and starting your own business. Some of the things you will learn include:
●    Refining your business idea
●    Writing a business plan
●    Understanding business legal structures
●    Introduction to calculating startup costs
●    Introduction to business financing options
●    Understanding Digital Business Basics
●    The basics of market research  
●    Setting yourself apart from competitors  
You’ll hear directly from some of Detroit’s successful small business owners, walk away with a draft business plan outline reviewed by local experts, and be assigned your own small business coach. 

Amazon Delivery Service Partner Business Basics
Interested in Having Your Own Amazon Delivery Service Partner Business? 

While it isn’t required, we recommend taking Own Your Own Business 101 so you’ll be primed for our Amazon Delivery Service Partner (DSP) readiness training – Amazon Partner Business Basics. Amazon Delivery Service Partners (DSP) are small businesses that deliver packages for Amazon. As a DSP, you’ll own your own business and have the opportunity to expand your fleet and employees as much as you want.  
The second part of our Academy focuses on the skills and principles of entrepreneurship that are needed to become an Amazon DSP, including:
●    Budgeting and planning for long-term sustainability
●    Understanding and optimizing your business model
●    Integrating high-quality customer service into your business
●    Hiring and managing staff
●    Creative problem-solving and design-thinking
You’ll graduate from Amazon Partner Basics a stronger applicant for the Amazon Delivery Service Partner program.

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