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Over 1,000 Census Jobs Available In Detroit – Recruiting Assistants and Census Takers Needed

Census 2020 is an important time for our country, and it’s even more important to make sure every person gets counted once — and only once.

There will be over 1,000 jobs available in the Detroit Census office, with pay starting at $19.00 an hour. Recruitment for these jobs will start at the end of 2018.

Each Detroit At Work Career Center will have a designated Census 2020 jobs advocate available, so if you visit one of our three career centers, someone will be available to talk to you about the positions available.


Here’s How To Get Started:

Visit a Detroit At Work Career Center to speak with a Census 2020 jobs advocate

Read job briefs below and apply at Census 2020.

Recruiting Assistant

The recruiting assistant will be responsible for promoting Census 2020 field jobs, communicating with the public, conducting presentations, and more.

Positions Start Q1 2019 – full time through 2020

Census Taker

Census Takers will conduct field work which includes walking door-to-door, following up on household surveys, and working on address listings.

Positions Start Q2 2019 – schedule to be advised

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