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Work Search Requirements





Claimants receiving unemployment benefits will be required to actively search for work in order to continue  receiving unemployment benefits. The requirement has been waived since March 2020 due to the pandemic, but because of Michigan’s lower unemployment rate, the requirement will soon be reinstated.

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For those who do not have reliable Internet access, you can call into the Unemployment Insurance Agency according to the schedule below beginning Monday, June 7th. The certification day and time will correspond with the last two digits of a claimants Social Security Number (SSN). When certifying by phone using MARVIN (866-638-3993), claimants must certify on their scheduled day and time. MARVIN is available from 8 a.m. to 4:30 p.m., Monday through Friday. MARVIN is no longer available on Saturdays. If claimants are unable to certify on their scheduled day and time, all claimants must certify on Thursday or Friday of their certification week, regardless of their SSN.

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To continue to receive unemployment benefits claimants will be required to actively seek work and report at least one work search activity per week during your bi-weekly certification for  benefits.

Your benefits will not be paid until your work search activities have been reported.

Work search activities include applying for jobs online, participating in virtual job fairs or employment workshops, or searching job listings at sites like, LinkedIn or

We will ask how and when you applied for the position, and for the company’s contact information. Work search activities must be entered at the time of certification or your certification is not complete and your benefit payment will not be  issued.

Approved work search activities include, but are not limited to:

  •    Applying for jobs online
  •    Creating a profile on or another job search site
  •    Attending an online job search workshop or seminar
  •    Attending virtual job fairs

Reporting your work search activities will be required for most claimants receiving unemployment benefits. If you have an approved waiver, the work search requirement is waived. A person may be eligible for a waiver due to COVID-19 related reasons. More information on waivers will be forthcoming.

  • Applying for the same position within a 4 week period
  • Contacting an employer determine if a position is available
  • Find more examples of acceptable work search activities at

Visit the UIA website at, check your email and your MiWAM account for more information about the work search requirement in the coming weeks.