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FCA Tutoring

Tutoring Available for FCA Jobseekers


Classroom tutoring


Tutoring for Jobseekers

Detroit At Work and Fiat Chrysler want you to be successful during the FCA application process. To help you complete a successful application, Detroit At Work is offering free tutoring workshops for jobseekers who've participated in an FCA Job Readiness Event. 


What do the Classes Cover?

Tutoring classes cover one of three topics:

  • Digital skills for online test taking
  • How to show a positive attitude and teamwork skills
  • Quantitative skills for problem-solving, process monitoring and time management


How do I Register?
  • Log in by hitting the button below
  • Select any event that says "tutoring" — these will be listed in the same window as FCA Job Readiness events so be sure to read the title carefully





Have any registration questions? Please call (313) 209-3187.