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Interviewing for a Job?

Follow 4 Simple Rules to Help You Stand Out!


Congratulations! You got an interview!

To help you feel comfortable at the interview so that you can show your best self on the day, Detroit at Work has developed some tips to help you prepare. These tips tell you how to get ready for the interview, what to do on the day, and how to leave a lasting, positive impression with the interviewer.

  1. Don’t be late! Even being 3 minutes late sends a message that you’re not taking the job seriously. Always leave home a few minutes early to get to your interview to allow for any travel difficulties.  If you get there 15 minutes early, you’ll look 15 minutes more professional.
  2. Dress for success. No jeans. No leggings or other tight-fitting clothes. No tee-shirts with graffiti. Remember – the clothes you wear show the kind of employee you will be, so dress smart to get ahead! Need help with proper attire? Visit your local Detroit at Work Career Center.
  3. Watch your body language. If you sit up straight, make eye contact, speak clearly and deliver a strong handshake, you’ve already beaten other interviewees who aren’t taking the interview seriously. You never get a second chance to make a good first impression!
  4. Know your skills. Most interviewers will ask you to tell them something about yourself. “I’m a Capricorn” is not a good answer. Be prepared! Have 3 sentences ready about your skills or experiences that show how you are a good fit to the job you’re interviewing for.