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Get Paid to Learn a Trade!

Get Paid to Learn a Trade

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DTE Tree Trim Academy

DTE is building a Detroit-based Tree Trimming Academy to provide training for those seeking a career in Line Clearance Tree Trimming. Call 313-962-9675 to sign up!

Line Clearance Tree Trimmers clear trees and debris away from electrical lines that power homes, neighborhoods, schools and businesses.

DTE and IBEW will need 200 Line Clearance Tree Trimmers in the next three years.

Qualification Requirements:

  • 18+
  • GED/HS Diploma
  • Driver’s License
  • Drug Screen

This is a felony-friendly opportunity, with the exception of CSC offenses.

If You:

  • Like working outdoors
  • Enjoy working with your hands
  • Like using power tools
  • Aren’t afraid of heights

Demolition Training

Detroit at Work, Gayanga, Co., Go Green Contracting, and Emerging Industries Training Institute are recruiting now for a free 12-week program that leads to the following jobs:

  • Carpentry Laborer
  • Asbestos Laborer
  • Demolition Laborer 

Program Details:

  • These classes are in person
  • There will be one week of evening classes as part of the program
  • In order to receive your asbestos/abatement license from the State of Michigan, you are required to be clean shaven. This means: No beards, goatees, chin hair, 5 o’clock shadow; no lip, nose, or facial piercing; or anything “that comes between the sealing surface of the facepiece and the face or that interferes with valve function” of a respirator


  • City of Detroit resident
  • Authorized to work in the US
  • 18 years or older
  • I.D. or Driver's License Required
  • Social Security Card (required by employer)
  • Six months of income

Visit the Demo Training web page for additional details.


Certification Programs Coming


Certification Programs


    *Must meet and complete program requirements.