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New Manufacturing Workshops

New Manufacturing Workshops



Shift Your Career Into High Gear with Free Manufacturing Workshops 

The Motor City has more opportunities than ever to start a career in manufacturing. Ready to stand out from the crowd and get the job offer you want? Detroit at Work has you covered! 

We offer customized workshops available to help you prepare for a career with Detroit-area manufacturers! 

  • 100% free 
  • Completely virtual 
  • Run at multiple times per day to fit your schedule 

Participants will have an opportunity to apply to manufacturing companies who are partnered with Detroit at Work upon completion of the workshops.  Check out the list below for more information and to learn how to sign up!  Courses run every Monday – Friday at 9 am to 12 pm, and 1 pm to 4 pm.



Manufacturing Job Readiness workshops include:


Positive Attitude, Motivation, and Time Management
This course defines and explores how a positive attitude and great time management skills in the workplace offers significant job benefits. This course will cover: 

  • How individuals with a positive attitude have an advantage over individuals with a negative mindset 
  • How a positive attitude leased an increased job outlook and sustained employment
  • Best practices for proper time management in professional and personal environments 
  • Practice prioritizing personal and professional responsibilities, while learning about different styles of time management and how to implement them

Critical Thinking, Problem Solving, Work Ethic, and Taking Initiative
The course will allow participants to discuss the importance of problem solving in the manufacturing industry and learn about key problem-solving skills. This course will cover:  

  • Five-step problem solving process including effectively conducting research, gathering relevant information, and using these findings to solve problems 
  • Advanced manufacturing scenarios, where you will be encouraged to think outside of the box to come up with solutions to problems
  • How to determine appropriate and inappropriate ways of taking initiative in various manufacturing positions 
  • How properly taking initiative can propel your career forward

Teamwork in Manufacturing and Communicating Teamwork
Nothing is more important than working as a contributing member of a team in a manufacturing setting. This course will cover: 

  • Benefits of having a positive attitude and a growth mindset for long-term career success 
  • Impact of communication in a manufacturing team environment 
  • How to constructively give and receive feedback 
  • Working through disagreements at work
  • Strategies for communicating with peers in comparison to management or other team members 

Technology Etiquette and Embracing Change
The world of manufacturing is changing and we want you to be ready! This course will cover: 

  • Ways to appropriately communicate with customers and coworkers over the internet (“Netiquette”)
  • Importance of technology security and how to keep their accounts and information secure 
  • Creating appropriate email and voicemail greetings, as netiquette looks very different in the workplace as opposed to a personal setting
  • Being adaptable in the workplace 
  • Characteristics needed to embrace changes at work for a smooth transition

Intro to Manufacturing and Toolbox Safety
Take an in-depth look into a variety of topics surrounding manufacturing industry.  This course will include: 

  • History and current state of the manufacturing industry 
  • Debunking commonly held myths and stereotypes about manufacturing 
  • Employment opportunities in and around Detroit
  • Safety in manufacturing environments, including common types of on-the-job injuries and risks associated with manufacturing 
  • How to maintain a strong awareness of critical safety issues and the importance of proper Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)  
  • How to prevent workplace accidents for hands, eyes and ears, chemical safety, safe lifting practices, and lockout/tagout procedures. 

Culture of Manufacturing and Goal Setting and Planning
Learn about the workplace culture in manufacturing, important norms, values, and expectations from employers. This course will include: 

  • Honesty, loyalty, willingness to learn, and other ways to sustain employment in manufacturing  
  • Attendance and timeliness, quality of work, personal accountability, safety, and the value of having a strong work ethic  
  • Benefits of professional goal setting and the S.M.A.R.T. goal setting method 
  • Time management best practices, including planning and prioritizing, and how to identify the appropriate action steps for success of short and long-term goals  

Stress Management/Coping Skills 
Every work environment can be stressful. Learn how to deal with difficult situations without losing your head. This course will cover: 

  • Overview of the causes of stress in the workplace 
  • Skills to cope with and manage stress 
  • How to identify personal and workplace stress triggers 
  • Self-care tactics to help cope with stress and deal with demanding situations 
  • Identify which stress management practices they identify with most and how to use them 

Conflict Resolution 
Conflict at work happens. This course will cover: 

  • Benefits and drawbacks of conflict in the workplace 
  • Conflict resolution, including how to look for common ground, work towards a compromise, and resolve conflicts successfully.
  • Common causes of conflict in manufacturing jobs 
  • Identify which conflict resolution strategies works best for you and learn how to put them into practice 

Effective Communication 
Effective communication at work can change your career. This course will cover: 

  • Importance of both non-verbal and verbal communication in the manufacturing field 
  • Practice paraphrasing and 3-part communication to give and receive detailed instructions  
  • Importance of written and visual communication and the effect they have on workplace safety.

How to Sign Up: 

Log into your Detroit at Work profile and register under “Workshops” 


Text your full name and the class you would like to take to 313-466-6363
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