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Career Technical Education

If you’re a high-school student and interested in gaining the skills necessary for a high-growth, high-demand career, Detroit at Work has a wide range of training opportunities available to you.

In partnership with DPSCD, the City of Detroit and other business and philanthropic partners have invested nearly $20 million in upgrades to three of the city’s main career technical schools: Randolph CTC, Breithaupt CTC, and Golightly CTC.

Philip Randolph Career Technical Center

Located at 17101 Hubbell next to Renaissance high school, Randolph CTC offers an upgraded facility with state-of-the-art teaching and equipment for construction-related careers.




Heavy Equipment Operation


Marketing Entrepreneurship


Painting, Decorating & Drywall



Breithaupt Career Technical Center

Located at 9300 Hubbell Ave (Hubbell/Chicago), Breithaupt CTC features a range of classes with recently upgraded facilities teaching the skills needed for a number of in-demand career sectors.

Automotive Service & Repair


Culinary Arts & Hospitality



Golightly Career Technical Center

Golightly CTC is located on the east side at 900 Dickerson Avenue, and offers a wide range of career courses from Business and Technology to Trade and Industry.


Graphics Design

Information Technology


Visit your DPSCD counselor or reach out to to enroll. Stay tuned for exciting updates or go back to to discover other youth opportunities.

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