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I Have an Offer

Congratulations on receiving an offer from FCA! The following steps are required by FCA before you can get your start date. Detroit at Work has resources to help you complete them!

  1. Accept a verbal offer
    1. Your verbal offer will include 2 options:
    2. Start Now – offers to start now are for Supplemental Employees at other FCA locations like Sterling Heights Assembly Plant or Warren Truck Assembly Plant. 
    3. Defer Until 2021 – if you choose to defer, you will not start working with FCA until your full-time position in Detroit is available. This is expected in early 2021. 
    4. If you decide to start now, you will not lose your spot in Detroit! You will have the option to transfer to Detroit when the jobs become available.
    5. If you would like to discuss these options with a member of the Detroit at Work team, call 313-962-9675 and ask for “FCA Office Hours” 
  2. Submit a written offer acceptance
    1. After you accept your offer over the phone, FCA will send you a formal offer via email. You must complete the forms that they send you and return them to FCA!
  3. Schedule your drug screen and physical
    1. You will receive an email and/or phone call to schedule your drug screen and physical. You have 72 hours to schedule your screen after you receive this notification.
  4. Complete your drug screen and physical
    1. You must go into your assigned clinic at your scheduled time to complete your drug screen and physical
    2. If you need a ride to the clinic, call 313-962-WORK or email [email protected] and Detroit at Work will provide you FREE transportation. 
  5. Complete a background check
  6. Submit proof of high school equivalency

If you receive a notice from FCA that you have not passed one of these steps, you have 10 business days to follow up with them and resolve the issue. If you have a concern about your application or need assistance completing any of these steps, call 313-962-WORK or email [email protected].