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FCA Skilled Trades Listings

Salaried / Skilled Trades FCA Opportunities for Detroiters

Detroit at Work is pleased to share the following FCA salaried and skilled trades opportunities for Detroiters.  Click on the links to see the full job details page.

FCA D2 Job Openings August 2019


Professional Maintenance Lead-1035266

The Professional Maintenance Leader (PML) leads and directs skilled trades employees to meet the objectives of the maintenance department in a fast paced, high volume, unionized, manufacturing environment.

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Professional Maintenance Specialist 1037666

The Professional Maintenance Specialist (PMS) will be responsible for managing designated manufacturing equipment and technology in a fast paced, high volume, unionized, manufacturing environment.

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Electrician  - S1032

The Electrician is responsible for layout, installation, repair and preventative maintenance of all electrical equipment and power and lighting systems in the facility including motors, generators, transformer controls and mechanisms, timing devices, switches, cable and conduits.

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Millwright – S1041

The Millwright is responsible for installing, assembling, and, when necessary, dismantling machinery, conveyor systems, pulleys, mechanical clutches, gear boxes, hydraulic and pneumatic control systems.

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Machine Repair – S1039

The Machine Repair Tradesman is responsible for diagnosing defects in operations, disassembling, repairing, replacing parts and reassembling to operating condition all machines, machine tools and mechanical equipment.

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Pipefitter - S1023

The Pipefitter is responsible for layout and fabrication, assembly, installation, and maintenance of piping/ plumbing systems, fixtures and equipment for steam, water, sprinkler, heating, cooling, lubricating and related systems.

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Toolmaker - S1034

Toolmakers are highly skilled employees responsible for producing tools and specialized parts and devices used on manufacturing machines in an automotive manufacturing plant.

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Mechanic Gas and Electric Jitney - S1037

Mechanic - Gas and Electric Jitney skilled employees are responsible for maintaining and repairing a combination gas-electric, or gas or electric powered jitneys, tractors, and self-propelled yard cranes.

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Wastewater Treatment Operator - S1042

The Wastewater Treatment Operator must have a general knowledge of the operation, methods and procedures of a wastewater treatment plant.

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