The City of Detroit is ready to help you connect with Metro Detroit’s most in-demand jobs and training programs. Through trainings, job search assistance and career services, Detroiters at all levels of education, experience and skillsets can access opportunity through Detroit at Work. The pathway to your next job starts with these three steps:

  1. Register for Detroit at Work using this link.
  2. Come in to the Detroit at Work One Stop location most convenient for you.
  3. Remember to bring your ID (state, city of Detroit or driver’s license) and Social Security Card, and carve out a few hours to complete everything.

  • SER Metro9301 Michigan Ave. Detroit, MI 48210
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  • Samaritan Center5555 Conner Detroit, MI 48213
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  • Northwest Activities Center18100 Meyers Detroit, MI 48235
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  1. Talk one-on-one with a Career Specialist to figure out an opportunity that’s right for you.

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Explore Training and Career Opportunities

Across Metro Detroit there are opportunities available in a number of high-growth industries. Don’t have the skills for one of these careers or want to upskill into a higher level position? We have hundreds of free training opportunities that will train you for in-demand careers in fields like healthcare, construction and IT:

If you’d like to explore what training and job opportunities are available, then click on one of the industry images above. You’ll be able to learn about jobs in each sector, the training programs available and what partners are offering services. Training programs aren’t just limited to those who are unemployed – if you’re working part-time or in a role that leaves more to be desired, we will connect you to (and pay for) the training that will help you land a career.

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